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Civilization: Beyond Earth Mod Art - Christian Democratic Commonwealth

Artwork created for a modification for Civilization: Beyond Earth by JFD and myself. The mod in question adds a new sponsor to the game in the form of the Christian Democratic Commonwealth - the remnant and successor to the various Northern European states, who in the fan-made lore found themselves at odds with the North Sea Alliance. It is led by Princess Royal Elisabeth.

Leader artwork is a static 2D collage/photobash. The goal was to create a leader who represents the sophistication and wealth of old royalty, combined with a minimalist outlook on the future.

The sponsor's symbol was an attempt to blend nautical elements together with a call-back to the nations' Christian heritage. All begun with a play on the steering wheel and an anchor merged with a cross. The British Imperial crown added at the very end serves both as a tie-in to mainline Civilization games' symbols of England and a reference to the sponsor's royal background.